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Client Testimonials

Jackie R

“Excellent service and sound advice. Our accountant is professional and client-centric. We know we get a thorough and accurate result.”

Tim L

“The team at Ragano CPA has given us nothing less than great service in financial recordkeeping. They do not treat me like other CPA firms do-as a number. Please continue the excellent client service!

Sarah K

“Our CPA gets right back to us and provides great communication. He is also very knowledgeable. In fact, everyone is friendly and prompt to respond to our needs.”

Anthony D

“Prompt, courteous, competent services with personal attention from my CPA. I am confident in Ragano’s services, which is why there is longevity in this client relationship.”

Steven M

“I like the excellent service and fast response via email or phone. My CPA has been fantastic to deal with for the last several years. Even though we wind up not getting our information from the K-1 until the very last minute, our taxes and advice have always been prompt and accurate.”

Albert Y

“We have a great working relationship with our CPA. My wife and I trust him. He is very professional and caring!”